The town hall had called on a heritage architect who is currently preparing a study on several monuments of Viviers:

  • Knights House
  • Episcopal Palace
  • Our Lady of the Rhone
  • St. Lawrence Church

The CRPA (Regional Commission for Heritage and Architecture) gave a favorable opinion for the extension of the classification of the choir which was not yet protected and we await the confirmation by the Ministry of Culture. The DRAC wants the study to include the chapel and the choir of the nuns since formerly these two spaces were one.

The earthquake of 11.11.2019

The recent earthquake that dramatically affected the Teil had some consequences on Viviers:

  • houses impacted in the hills
  • some damage to the town hall
  • closing of the cathedral for safety
  • damage to Cité Lafarge

City Hall

Cracks appear around the service staircase (some of which were already visible during our last visit last October): vertical cracks on the DRC wall and on the lintel between the corridor and the staircase. There are also cracks on the door frames, at level 1, as well as a collapse of the landing of the stairs at level 1, of the order of 5 mm, visible at the baseboards. These disorders, already visible last October, seem to have accentuated following the earthquake of 11/11. We have also been told a new crack at the rosace of the Italian-style hall (ceiling), without it being absolutely certain that this crack is related to the earthquake of 11/11 (disorders may be related to oscillation of the chandelier during the earthquake).

The architect Mr. Donjerkovic went around to check the damage to the monuments he is studying.

Our Lady of the Rhône

There are movements of the stone above the door and the window of the entrance facade. On the courtyard side, there are two cracks on the level 2 of the old dwelling (rupture of the lintel stones) not necessarily linked to the earthquake. It is recommended, however, to repair these as the rupture of the lintels may cause a partial ruin of the cover. It is also located in the DRC, in the annexes of the chapel, vertical and vault cracks that are not of a character of urgency on the structural level.

Summer exhibition 2019

For the tourists of this summer the association exposes pictures of Didier Pétigny highlighting the two places we want to restore: Notre-Dame du Rhône and the Italian-style hall.


Photos of the previous exhibition on the cathedral are also present.


You can finish your visit by discovering a small garden usually closed.



900 years of the cathedral

On February 27, 1119, 900 years ago this year, the new cathedral of Viviers was consecrated by Pope Calixte II. Also "Save Viviers" decided to commemorate this event by presenting an exhibition of our official photographer, Didier Petigny, on the theme of the cathedral with totally new photos.


We would be very happy on this occasion to receive your visit.

The House of Sampzon hosts a new exhibition:


EXPOsition 9-16 SEPTEMBER 2018

More than 40 A4 photos were presented between 9 and 16 September in the beautiful vaulted room, basement of the House of Sampzon facing the door of the Strike.


1090 visitors were able to enjoy this exhibition and then wander through the ruins of an old house, converted into an original garden.

Located between the ramparts of the canonical city and the tower of the cathedral, the house of Sampzon is partly built on the very old gate of Gache that borrows tourists who go to the cathedral.


Facing the door of La Gache is the entrance to a vaulted room which one can imagine was the private chapel or oratory of the resident canon, and later a sacristy where the officiating canons were adorning the ornaments corresponding to the party of the day, before going up in procession to the cathedral, which would explain the presence on a wall of eighteen figures which could correspond to supports of sacerdotal clothes.


It is this place, linked to the religious history of Viviers that we have chosen to present the exhibition of remarkable unpublished photos due to Didier Pétigny, non-professional photographer, certainly, but of great talent who joined the active team and volunteer "Sauver Viviers".


The photos are almost entirely devoted to these patrimonial treasures, which are the Italian-style salon of the episcopal palace, which became the town hall and the Dominican chapel, Notre-Dame du Rhône.


We recall that "Save Viviers" intends to participate in the restoration of these two monuments.


R. de Talhouet

Status of our projects of 21 June 2018


The administration (DRAC) has agreed on the terms of reference for the overall study needed before considering restoration work.


We thought that the condition of the paintings to be restored was only due to capillary rise of humidity. However, it seems that other causes are behind the damage.


The Town Hall should soon launch a call for tenders to heritage architects for the realization of this study which we hope it can be done next fall.


What we wanted finally came true. The chapel will soon be restored to its original state with its "Chœur des Religieuses".


There are, for the moment two owners (owners) for this set, but the municipality, which has just acquired the "Choir of the Religious" should get closer to the bishopric to find the solution allowing n ' have more than one owner for the nave and the choir of the nuns of this chapel.


We will participate in the necessary steps to obtain the extension of the classification "historic monument" and the completion of the specifications for the study prior to the restoration work of this exceptional ensemble.