The choir of the nuns

Notre-Dame du Rhone chapel was a place of worship accessible to vivarois; at that time, a wall surrounded the other buildings from the right side of the chapel. A covered gallery bordered this side.


The rule was the fence and the nuns could not access the chapel, they followed the services from a large room called choir of nuns. The vault, a work of Jean-Baptiste Franque, is particularly well cared for. The description that was made in 2008 by the architectural students of the Ecole de Chaillot in Paris quotes a "double-hung arch with pendants" and bays with "reverse arching arches", which had caused their astonishment and their admiration.


This choir gives access to other rooms, but everything is littered with rubble and various debris that call for serious cleaning. A study is necessary before the work.


Yvonne Leclère